What is it & why is it important?

After Water and Oxygen, Vitamins are the next essential molecule vital for health – they are crucial for many body systems to function correctly.

Vitamin deficiency is very common, can manifest at any age and is largely unrecognised as it is not always detectable through blood tests.

IV Vitamin Infusions deliver vitamins straight into the blood stream allowing faster absorption with immediate effect and 100% use of nutrients.

This is a faster method of absorption than alternative methods e.g. Oral tablets and intra-muscular injections.

Benefits include

• Guaranteed vitamin absorption
• Energy boost
• Instant rehydration
• Younger looking skin
• Healthier hair and nails
• Faster fat burning
• Natural detoxification
• Fast treatment results
• Fights the effects of environmental toxins
• Customized treatments available depending on symptoms


Are there any side-effects?

Common side effects occur immediately after treatment and consist of redness and bruising at the site of entry and some clients have reported an aching/heavy feeling in the arm which subsided within 24 hours.
More serious side effects are exceptionally rare – treatment will only be carried out following a thorough medical consultation with our Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Independent Prescriber. This allows for more serious side effects to be discussed in detail before treatment is commenced.

What type of Infusions are available?

• Vitamin B12 (Energy Boost)
• Vitamin C (Immune Boost)
• Vitamin B1, B2, B6 & B12 combined
• Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C
• Vitamin B complex with Vitamin B12
• Biotin (Hair & Nails)
• Multivitamin (A, B, C, D, E)
• Myers Infusion (Optimum wellness)
• Fat Burner Infusion
• Immune Boost Infusion
• Anti-Aging Infusion with Amino Acids
• Detox Infusion
• Sport & Muscle Performance Infusion
• Energy Booster Infusion
• Magnesium Infusion (Magnesium deficiency & muscle cramps)
• Iron & Vitamin B Infusion (Blood booster)
• Skinny Infusion
• Amino Acid Infusion

Does the procedure hurt?

We take all necessary precautions to ensure the treatment is as pain free as possible –we offer FREE local anaesthetic cream (available on request).

How many treatments will I need?

To maintain peak vitamin levels, we recommend IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy every 3 – 6 months.


Prices vary from £60 – £150 per infusion.