What is a Steam & Extraction Facial? 

Warm, gentle steam is applied to the face to open pores.

Extraction therapy is then carried out to remove blackheads and reduce minor breakouts.

What are the Treatment benefits?

• Blackhead removal
• Milia removal
• Reduces enlarged pores
• Helps to clean clogged pores
• Minor breakout prevention
• Reduces congestion within the skin
• Gives clarity to skin, using the right products
• Gives a smoother, clean and clear complexion


  • 1 Treatment session – £20

How many sessions will I need?

Generally monthly steam and extraction sessions are recommended to achieve best results.

The frequency can vary with each persons individual skin type and response to treatment.

Are there any side-effects?

Side effects may include:

• Mild temporary tenderness
• Redness
• Swelling around the extraction site
• Skin sensitivity and flaking
• Small scabs at the extraction site
• Superficial dark spots can occur when extracting old or deep lesions – this is normal and will be temporary.

Although the risk is low there is always a risk of allergy or irritation from the serums/products applied to the skin.

Treatment will only be carried out following a thorough  consultation with our Advanced Skincare Specialist who will assess whether this treatment is suitable for you based on your skin type and presenting concern.

This consultation process also allows side effects to be discussed in detail before treatment is commenced.