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We are accredited by QUALIFI, CPD and a training partner of Insync Insurance working to increase training & learning standards for students moving into Aesthetics.

The Aesthetic industry will soon be regulated and this ensures fair and equal training for all, including medical support, which is something suppliers and insurers may request.


Entry to the qualification will be through a centre interview and learners will be expected to hold the following:

  • A QUALIFI Level 5 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice or equivalent regulated qualification.              


  • A Level 6 degree or equivalent as a qualified health care professional with evidence of relevant skincare and anatomy physiology knowledge to support the procedures.
  • The health care professional must be registered with a national professional health care statutory regulatory body in the country where the qualification is being delivered. There must be no conditions attached to their practice.
    (Professional registration numbers will be required).


  • A current and valid Basic Life Support (BLS) and anaphylaxis management training certificate (dated within the last 3 years).
  • (If your current certificate has expired you need to ascertain a regulated qualification i.e. HSE or Qualifi Level 3 Certificate in Basic Life Support and management of anaphylaxis. CPD certificates will not be accepted from 1st March 2024). 
  • QUALIFI Level 5 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice
  • &
  • QUALIFI Level 3 award in Basic life support & Management of Anaphylaxis

Units covered:

  • Facial Aesthetics Consultation
  • Psychology of Facial Aesthetics
  • Botulinum Toxin Injections to the Face and Neck
  • Temporary and Reversible Dermal Fillers to the Face and Neck
  • Management of Complications and Medical Emergencies

Course duration: 9-12 months estimated completion time.

Qualification attained: Qualifi Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice.

Course structure: 

  • Foundation Botox Training
    (Frontalis, Orbicularis Oculi, Corrugator Supercilii, Procerus)
  • Advanced Botox Training
    (Masseter, Mentalis, Platysma, Nasalis, Levator Labii Superioris, Orbicularis Oris, Depressor Anguli Oris)
  • Foundation Dermal Filler Training
    (Peri oral lines, Lip line and Lip volumisation)
  • Advanced Dermal Filler Training
    (Nasolabial lines, Cheek augmentation, Marionette lines)
  • Written assignment 1
  • Written assignment 2
  • Short answer questions (SAQ’s)
  • Final practical assessment days

N.B. Course structure may differ depending on students’ recognition of prior learning. 

How much practical experience will I get?

You will have the opportunity to deliver 20 + treatments on live models over the course of multiple practical days.

Are these official regulated qualifications?

This qualification is Ofqual regulated and internationally recognised.

What does Ofqual regulated mean?

Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. Ofqual is a non-ministerial government department which reports directly to the UK Parliament.

Ofquals’ main objectives are:

-To ensure that assessments give a reliable indication of skills, knowledge and understanding and that the attainment level is consistent over time.

-To promote public confidence in regulated qualifications and assessments.

-To promote awareness of the range of qualifications and the benefits of regulated qualifications to the public.

-To ensure efficiency and value for money in regulated qualifications.

Only recognised awarding organisations can offer regulated qualifications. In this way, Ofqual makes sure only those organisations that have the appropriate resources, capability and expertise can award regulated qualifications.

What is the difference between this qualification and a CPD qualification?

Although CPD qualifications are insurable and are still available, these courses are not regulated and are not internationally recognised.

When the new regulations come into force you may be required to have a Level 5 & Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice to administer injectable treatments.

If i’m already trained, will I receive a discount?

Prior learning will be negotiated and assessed on an individual basis.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a method of assessment that considers whether a learner can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding or skills they already possess and do not need to develop through a course of learning.

You will be required to provide evidence of your current certificates.

NB: Prior learning and achievement must be current i.e. you must have been practicing all treatments for the last three years.

Pricing Breakdown 

Full course: £3995 + VAT

Recognition of prior learning: £2995 + VAT

Booking Fee: £500

The remaining balance will be due 2 weeks prior to your course start date by either Cash/PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Finance: 0% finance available for up to 12 months on all courses. This must be applied for prior to enrolment. Please contact us for further information regarding finance.

We recommend contacting the following Insurance company prior to commencing this course to ensure you can ascertain Public Liability Insurance on completion:


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us:
Tel: 07548 867428 Email: info@synergyeducationcentre.co.uk 

How do I enrol onto the course?

Please use the box below or alternatively email: info@synergyeducationcentre.co.uk or call 07548867428.

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